Satoshi Circle Becomes Part of Satoshi Dice – SD now offers more games than just dice

Satoshicircle is a game operated on BitCoin currency. BitCoin has been sweeping the internet with its style of currency, and it has started to operate similarly to many real-life currencies. Satoshi Circle, sometimes called Satoshi dice by players and game reviewers, is one game predicated on gambling. Some players in their reviews of this game have called it one of the most accessible and satisfying bitcoin games in the BitCoin industry.

Aside from the general appeal of gambling, there are many reasons why Satoshi dice has created such a following.

Some of the game’s better qualities include:

No account registration necessary

Easy-to-understand gaming instructionsInstant winnings cash out

Accessible from anywhere with WiFi

Quick account funding methods

Trustworthy game

In addition to all the features listed above, other users have noted that BitCoin has excellent customer service. The BitCoin market isn’t always known for its apt customer service; the system is more predicated on community. However, it should be noted that Satoshi dice requires that its users communicate with its customer service team via Twitter. Players who do not have an active Twitter account will need to open one to communicate with the game’s staff. Some BitCoin enthusiasts have created alternative Twitter accounts aside from their personal one and use that secondary account just for BitCoin purposes. The game’s Twitter username is @SatoshiDice.

The gameplay for Satoshi Circle includes a wheel on the screen alongside a wager and balance meter. All of this information is readily accessible to the user, and the interface is simple to use and monitor. The player can see how many spins they have made while playing vs. the overall number of spins on the site. While playing, the overall site spin number will gradually increase as well.Some users like the game, because it allows them to increase their BitCoin banks in a fun way. The game has created incentives for players to continue returning. Instead of just offering gambling prizes, Satoshi Circle also offers levels, general progress in the game, and Reward Points which can be used to redeem prizes later in the game. Some reviewers have said that this game incorporates features of a quest game into the its gambling aesthetic to hook players and make the game more engaging.