Satoshicircle Review: What You Should Know Before You Play the Game

satThe is a unique casino wheel game, which allows you to wager with the Biticoin digital currency. The game has been in existence since 2013, and it is based on a single wheel that includes spectacular graphics that accompany it. The only language provided in the site is English. Satoshi Circle only accepts Biticoins and offers a Provably Fair Gaming experience. This generally means that all spins are instantly and independently verifiable. The house edge is 1.76%, compared to the Roulette that has a house advantage of 5.26%.

What are the key features of the Satoshi Circle?

The game play: Satoshi Circle has a similar game play to that of Roulette, whereby the player spins the wheel and based on the results, their balance is multiplied by a factor below or above 1.0x. The player who hits the greater multipliers in the beginning will have the highest rewards.

Number of wheels: This casino wheel game has five different wheels that are cleared as the player gets to the higher levels. In the beginning, the player can only access two wheels, with multipliers going up to 3x. The maximum number of multipliers a single circle can contain is fifteen.

House edge/ House advantage: The game has a very inviting house edge of 1.76%. This is a very low house advantage, since other casino wheel such as Roulette only offer a house advantage of 5.26%.

What are the rewards and promotions of Satoshi Circle?

Even though the Satoshi Circle does not provide a sign up bonus, players can still earn bonuses from their first wheel spin. There are 18 awards available, and they can only be unlocked by reaching a certain number of wheel spins.

What are the available banking methods?

The Satoshi circle only accepts biticoins. This helps to ensure that deposits are safe and secure. In addition, withdrawals of the winnings can only be done after two confirmations to the process.

The Satoshi Circle is an excellent and appealing casino wheel game. The game is easy to play and has a good rewarding progression system. The site offers you fast and secure deposits and withdrawals in order to enhance your casino experience.